Sandra has had skin problems for as long as she can remember.

Sandra has had skin problems for as long as she can remember.

Sandra who is a teenage girl has been coping with different skin ailments and has tried so many products that just haven’t produced the results she has been looking for.  She begins by giving us a brief description of her skin condition.

Sandra has had skin problems for as long as she can remember.  She’s dealt with dry, flaky skin around her cheeks and acne and rashes on her chin, forehead and nose.

 “I have always been so self conscious about my skin.  I started getting pimples when I was around 12, and it only got worse from there.  Then the acne scars began to pop up and after using harsh chemical cleansers for years my face became extremely dry and itchy.  It was so bad that I stopped going to social events because I was so embarrassed by my appearance.  I hated looking in the mirror and didn’t feel like myself anymore.  I became so hopeless and thought things would never change.”

“As I got older, my issues only got worse.  I felt so desperate and tried so many different cleansers and moisturizers, but nothing seemed to help. At that point, I decided to look into more natural alternatives.”

That’s when Sandra’s search led her to Hera Nature 100% natural Rose Antioxidant Bulgarian Essential Oil.  

“That’s when I learned about Hera Nature Rose Oil.  I really liked that it was a natural product with anti-inflammatory effects.  After using the oil for a short time I could already see my acne scars diminishing and my dry skin fading away.  I loved that my skin finally began to glow without feeling greasy! My face felt so soft and healthy looking.  It made me so happy! I was hooked and I made it part of my daily routine. What’s even more important is that not only did it help improve my skin, but my confidence finally started to come back!

For the first time in years, I liked looking in the mirror again.  I couldn’t be happier!  People started noticing the change in my face as well and I kept getting compliments on how radiant my skin looked. I’m so grateful that I found this product!”

With the use of Hera Nature Rose Antioxidant Bulgarian Essential Oil she finally was able to see the overall improvements to her skin that she had been seeking for so long. 

Final Thoughts:

Sandra’s experience is similar to so many women who have made 100% natural rose oil part of their daily facial routine. This product is packed with therapeutic benefits that fight off acne, are ultra moisturizing without feeling greasy, and have anti-inflammatory effects that make your skin silky, smooth and happy.

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