How It All Started

Era of Nature began in 2016 at a time when I was suffering from many undesirable skin conditions. The natural progress of aging had taken its toll and had become bothersome.

After trying many well-known cosmetic brands to no avail, I did some research and came across completely raw and natural skin care products. Suddenly I noticed real and positive changes in my skin complexion after trying these products for only a few weeks.

It was at this point that it became my mission to bring these products to the world!

I’ve always strongly believed that it doesn’t matter how busy you are as a woman, you should still always make time to do the right thing for your skin and body. DIY natural skin care products only take a few minutes to create, and can last for weeks at a time.

It also gives you the control over what you want to gain from a formulation, much like cooking a meal, you choose the ingredients to make it perfect for you.

As the founder of Era of Nature I am just fascinated by natural ingredients. I love to experiment and create new formulations to help cure a range of conditions, all just for you!

Thanks for taking the time to read this page and below you will find more details about what goes into our company ethos and products.

Alicia J.

Alicia J.
Founder of Era of Nature

Believing in a Better World

Every single component of our products has to be painstakingly checked one by one to make sure they meet all of our natural and ethical principles, whilst still being of the highest possible quality.

Whilst we are passionate about our products, we also truly believe in the value of educating the world on the powers of nature. Now is the time to start working with our planet, not against it. It is time for people to understand the truth about all of the unnecessary waste that goes into the products of the well-known high-street cosmetic brands.

With plastic and chemical waste currently flooding into our oceans, it is time to rediscover the power of ancient natural remedies that so often prove more effective that formulations that are created in a laboratory.

Our Mission

As our name suggests, we believe in the rejuvenating powers of nature. Our mission is to remedy ailments with only raw natural ingredients, the way that nature has always intended.Our products are made with only 100% natural ingredients, there are never any artificial chemicals included and all of our formulations use plant-based, animal cruelty-free ingredients for total peace of mind. We hope you enjoy the 100% natural products that we have worked so hard to create. If you would like to visit our shop you can do so here. Or if you would like to speak to one of our representatives about our products in more detail, you can do so by emailing our customer service team on: