Three DIY Skin Care Recipes with cocoa Butter.

Three DIY Skin Care Recipes with cocoa Butter.

Im proud to work with many types of specialty butters – but i have two favorites: Cocoa butter and Mango butter.

Now, that’s not to say i don’t use other types of butters on occasion. There are times when avocado butter, kokum butter or shea butter might be a better fit for the soap or the recipe we’re working with that day.

But, my most favorite butter to make lotions, body butters and lip balm is from cocoa butter. Here’s why:

Cocoa butter benefits.

1. Prevents Skin Dryness and Peeling

Cocoa butter makes an excellent skin moisturizer, plus it does more than just hydrate the skin — it helps actually heal it from the inside out too.

Natural hydrating products also tend to cause much less irritation for people with sensitive skin while still locking in moisture, since they’re free from additives, fragrances, colors and dyes used in most commercial products. To use it on your skin to treat or prevent dryness and peeling, try mixing it with other beneficial products like essential oils or argan, castor or jojoba oil.

If your cocoa butter is very solid due to being stored in your home in a cool place, try combining it with a bit of hot water to make it melt. You can boil some water on the stove and then pour it onto a handful of cocoa butter to make it more spreadable.

2. Heals Chapped Lips

One of the most popular ways to use cocoa butter is on the lips, especially in homemade lip balms. It can be used with essential oils like grapefruit, vanilla, orange or peppermint oil to make flavorful lip palms that are also hydrating for delicate skin.

3. Fights Signs of Aging

Cocoa butter contains compounds called cocoa mass polyphenols, which some studies have found can help diminish signs of aging, plus soothe sensitive skin suffering from dermatitis or rashes. Polyphenols are types of antioxidants that promote health both internally when eaten and when used topically on the skin.

4. Soothes Burns, Rashes and Infections

Rub a small amount of pure cocoa butter into burnt skin to help skin replenish. Just make sure it’s pure and doesn’t contain any alcohol, fragrances/perfumes or other additives that can lead skin to become even more inflamed and sensitive.

5. Helps Treat Mouth Sores

If the inside of your mouth is prone to developing painful sores or your lips develop recurring blisters, use a bit of cocoa butter to keep them moisturized.

6. Makes a Great Shaving Cream

You can use cocoa butter in your tub to shave and hydrate skin at the same time. It melts easily in warm water and won’t clog your drain. Use a small handful before shaving to prevent nicks and to leave just-shaven skin feeling nice and smooth. After showering is another great time to slather it on, since heat opens up pores and makes it absorb products better.

7. Helps Improve Heart Health

It’s important to note, however, that while cocoa butter does contain some polyphenols and other antioxidants, it doesn’t supply as much as dried cocoa powder does. The butter and cocoa powder are manufactured during secondary processing, leaving behind cocoa powder, which has been shown to have higher polyphenol content than cocoa butter or fat solids.

8. Raises Immunity 

Many studies have shown that plant polyphenols exert antioxidant powers within the immune system, fighting inflammation, DNA damage and cellular mutations, which are the underling cause of diseases like cardiovascular disease, cancer and autoimmune conditions that can lead to fatigue.

What About Cocoa Butter for Stretch Marks?

Around the Web, one of the most popular uses for cocoa butter is preventing or treating stretch marks, especially during pregnancy. Does this method actually work? Overall, study results have been mixed regarding its efficacy for stretch marks.

There’s no harm in trying it for preventing stretch marks, especially if you have dry skin normally, but it doesn’t seem to reverse stretch marks that have already formed.

Cocoa Butter Balm

Cocoa Butter Balm Ingredients:

  • 15g Jojoba Oil
  • 30g Coconut Oil
  • 15g Cocoa Butter
  • 5g Beeswax
  • 5-10 drops Sweet Orange essential Oil (optional)

Cocoa Butter Balm Instructions:

  • Melt together the wax and the oils in a bain marie or a double boiler. When the oils are fully liquid, add vitamin E and stir for a few seconds.
  • Remove from heat
  • Add essential oils
  • Pour into jar

Homemade Three Ingredient Cocoa Body Butter

Cocoa Body Butter Ingredients

  • Cocoa butter
  • Coconut oil
  • Sweet almond oil

Cocoa Body Butter Instructions

Melt your solid oils and butter in a saucepan until completely liquified. Blend the three ingredients together in a bowl and then set in the freezer for approximately 20 minutes. Once the mixture has hardened but not completely solidified, beat it using an electric beater until you have made it fluffy and light. Store in a glass jar or tub for months.

Your cocoa butter will naturally harden once it comes to room temperature. If you’re wondering how to melt cocoa butter, you only need to scoop a small amount into your hands; the natural warmth from your body will melt it in no time!

Silky Cocoa Body Lotion

Cocoa Body Lotion Ingredients

  • Almond Oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • Beeswax
  • Cocoa Butter
  • Vitamin E
  • Essential Oils

Why we love it

Almod oil, coconut oil and cocoa butter are all extremely hydrating! Not to mention, this recipe is full of ingredients loaded with anti-oxidants.Add in the beeswax which is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory and you’ve got yourself a winner.

If you are interested in creating you own Cocoa butter skin care products, here are our three recommended cocoa butters to jump start your creations. These are from different companies for you to choose from. You would have more info about how to make your own skin care products at home in this Free eBook.

Cocoa Butter

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Cocoa Butter

  • Cocoa butter is high in fatty acids, which is why it’s often touted for its ability to hydrate and nourish the skin and improve elasticity. The fat in cocoa butter forms a protective barrier over skin to hold in moisture.You can treat your skin to an indulgent treatment using your favorite sweet confection: chocolate. This has risen in popularity recently as a great new skin treatment. Chocolate contains cocoa butter that softens skin, contains antioxidants for healthier skin, and caffeine for revitalizing the skin. Chocolate is available in various scrubs, masks, creams, lotions, and much more.

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Cocoa Butter

  • Benefits: reduces the appearance of stretch marks, soothes minor burns and rashes, heals chapped lips and adds moisture to skin
  • Use alone or as an ingredient for DIY balms, lotion bars. body butters. stretch mark creams, soaps, etc.
  • A free downloadable eBook of 20 DIY skin care recipes is included with your purchase
  • Scent is strong, all-natural chocolate. Color varies in shades of cream and dark ivory and close to yellow
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